Our Story

Everything So Pretty- it’s not just a name, it’s the essence of joy, love and happiness. It is a visual and sensual break from the stresses from our surroundings.  Our products are made from the expression of all three - joy, love, happiness - from life experiences, helping to remind us to enjoy the pretty that surrounds us.

The scents and ingredients used in the Everything So Pretty small batch candles and soaps are intentionally formulated and created to evoke a sense of well-being and bliss. Throughout the entire process- from developing uplifting fragrance blends to the packaging of each item- our own happiness is infused into each lovingly handmade small batch.

This warmth and feeling of kindness is also reflected in the intentional use of packaging which is as environmentally conscientious as possible.

We hope our products help to enhance your sense of well-being and self-care.